Bodie piercings.

My opinion about bodie piercings are, its your body u can do whatever it is you want with it. I personally dont have any body piercing aside from the normal ear piercings, but everyone is free to do as they please, this is America. Yes, i do agree with Richard Dupuis that there is a stigma against people with piercing. I have friends and a brother that have body piercings and that doesnt make them bad peope.They are just trying to express themselves in a different way than what society says its acceptable. Society is changing and its only expected that the newer generations have different ideas, views, etc. If everyone had the same views it be pleasentville all over again. Life would be boring, it would be black and white with no color until someone decides to do something out of the norm then you will see a little color, like in the movie. I believe this is whats happening with the piercings its looked down on makes people thing you are not trust worthy or even a good person, but in the end it comes down to what you want to do, its your life and live it as you please.


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