Food allergies to pestesides?

In the article “studies linked food allergies to pesticides in tap water” is about how scientist have


found people who where exposed bacteria in unfiltered tap water have less reactions to food born allergies than those that where not exposed to the bacteria and only drink filtered water. They where explaining how a child who lived in a farm was exposed to more germs in tap water which resulted in none to minimal food allergies than those who grew up in suburban areas that filter their water or choose to drink bottled water; meaning their immune system has to work to fight the good bacteria that will help you not have food allergies.

Alexandra Sifferlin stated, ” In the past 20 years people who where allergic to shell fish, nuts, milk and eggs has soared, jumping from 18% between 1997-2007″ according to, US center of disease control and prevention. This jump has been liked to the tap water we drink mainly because of the chemical used to purify the water. Studies performed on humans and how drinking tap water can give them food allergies have proven that the purifying solution used in tap water has been found in their system and are more likely to suffer from food allergens. Thus, comes the conclusion that people who were exposed to more germs are less likely to have food allergies than those who where not exposed.


The poor and social safety nets

On this particular topic I am moderate i agree with the liberals but i also agree with the conservatives to a point. The preamble states “we the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect union establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense and welfare..” welfare was meant to be for the people who can not proved for themselves. For example the elderly  and the children, but because the way  the economy is we have to find a way to help people get back on their feet. I do believe that the government should help the people who really need it not the people who take advantage of the system. I think that the government should have life limit on how much help they can receive other wise people will never get out of their economic situations. At this point and time i do think that it is ok to have a safety net but it shouldn’t last forever.

3 out of 50 ways to help the planet

There are 50 ways to save the planet, the 3 that I think will help the planet even more are recycle news paper, rethink bottle water and plant trees. The article “50 ways to help the planet” states that recycling the newspaper every Sunday alone will help save more than half a million trees every week. Tress make up a big part of our environment, they help shade our homes and grow in value and they are the homes of our friendly birds and squirrels. Second way is to rethink bottled water, we all buy bottled water thinking its healthier than tap water, but in reality tap water is better because the EPA’s standards for tap water are more stricter than bottled water. Think about it plastic bottles of water takes thousands of years to decompose. Third of all, plant a tree. Planting trees is good for the environment its good for the air, land and can save on cooling costs for your home.  plus, every tree planted can mean a new home for the birds and maybe even a tree house for a young child. It is always good to do a little something to help the environment.

human cloning?

I don’t think its a good idea to clone humans. Specially if you want to bring back a dead wife, husband, brother, daughter, son, mother, etc… Yes, it would be nice to have them back again but who is to say that it will be just like them? They will have the same physical features but will they have the same attitudes? Animal cloning and human cloning are two very different things animals you know what to expect from them but humans have a mind of their own, you can never tell what the clone might do or how it’s going to react to certain situations.

I personally wouldn’t like to be cloned at all. I don’t think that there should be two of me, because my clone could be the total opposite of myself. For example, she can be rude, obnoxious, wild, and even a convict. I would not want to put up with her criminal lifestyle and I could even be implicated in her crimes by the police thinking I’m her.  Having a clone in my opinion is not acceptable it might sound like a great idea but in the end what is it really going to accomplish in society? Will society even use cloning as a resource? I think it is a waste of time and money to be cloning humans.

Happier relationships

“Eight ways to a happier relationship” is an article about the how to keep your relationship happy. There were two points that caught my attention they where avoid the absolute “always” and “never” and make requests not demands. In every relationship there will always be little things that bother you about your significant other and many of us do not know how to approach the situation or how to communicate it. This article does a good job of explaining how to communicate and have a long-lasting relationship, and i will tell you about why you should avoid certain language while talking to your significant other.

We all have been in relationships where we are always screaming at our partner because they are squeezing the toothpaste from the middle or having to constantly telling them they don’t help out with the cleaning. Tamara Chansky says in the article that using the words “always” and “never” is not acceptable in a relationship, that’s when problems start to arise and sometimes they get so bad that you have to split up. Instead, she says to use non-aggressive language like please do not squeeze the toothpaste from the middle you know how I hate that, language like that will help the relationship become stronger. Another point was to make requests not demands, and what she means by that is to tell your partner that you need their help and avoid attacking them with demands and expectations. A relationship is meant for two people to work together and compromise to make it last till they decide to go their separate ways.

“how twitter is hurting students”

How is twitter hurting students? One might find it odd that a social network like twitter can hurt a student, but studies performed by Dr. Alloway says that because of the way its stream is formatted it doesn’t engage the students brain. Dr. Tracy Alloway of Scotland’s University of Stirling studies the working memory and has developed a training program to increase the performance of children ages 11-14 who are slow learners. She has found that twitter does not engage the children’s brain enough and it reduces their attention span. Twitter is a social network that has an endless stream of status updates that you do not have to read or keep track of. Therefore, you don’t have to process any information. On the other hand, Facebook does the total opposite Dr. Alloway states, Facebook keep the brain engaged because it requires you to keep up with past events, present and future.

The Dream Act.

The Dream Act is a bi-partisan legislation that will give young undocumented immigrants the opportunity to citizenship. This act has brought up a lot of controversy in the government, because some say its a back door to amnesty and it will promote more people to come through illegally. The ones in favor say it will settle the injustice the youth face here in the United States because they didn’t choose to come but where brought here by their parents. Even though they have established certain requirements in the legislation like proof of residency, degree of higher education, or military enlistment, it is still not enough to convince the people that it is not a back door to amnesty. I think that the Dream Act is fair enough to pass because it lists the requirements the youth need to accomplish in order to establish their status. If they really want to become a conditional or even a permanent legal resident then they will follow through with the requirements.

Bodie piercings.

My opinion about bodie piercings are, its your body u can do whatever it is you want with it. I personally dont have any body piercing aside from the normal ear piercings, but everyone is free to do as they please, this is America. Yes, i do agree with Richard Dupuis that there is a stigma against people with piercing. I have friends and a brother that have body piercings and that doesnt make them bad peope.They are just trying to express themselves in a different way than what society says its acceptable. Society is changing and its only expected that the newer generations have different ideas, views, etc. If everyone had the same views it be pleasentville all over again. Life would be boring, it would be black and white with no color until someone decides to do something out of the norm then you will see a little color, like in the movie. I believe this is whats happening with the piercings its looked down on makes people thing you are not trust worthy or even a good person, but in the end it comes down to what you want to do, its your life and live it as you please.

Graduating from college.

Graduating from college is essential because everyone wants to have a great paying job, and the way the economy is today you must have a college degree. Two reasons why I think its important to graduate from college is better job and better future. We all have job right now that we like or maybe don’t like but we have to work in order to pay bills, put food in the table, etc. With a college degree you will have your dream job in your field of study; you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of or even being underpaid. Once you finish college and get your degree your style of life will change not only with a better job but you are setting yourself and your families future to a great life. It’s never a bad idea to plan or have a great future. This is why I think its important to obtain a college degree.


Before i die…

There are three things I want to accomplish before I die is get my bachelors degrees in nursing, become successful in my job field and buy my own home.  The reason why i want to get my degree in nursing is because there is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of accomplishment. Once, i graduate with my bachelors degree i will be the second person in my family to have obtained a college degree. Secondly, I want to become a successful anesthesiologist. To be successful to me means to have a rewarding career, being financially stable and overall happy. I believe that i am on the right track to obtain what I want. Lastly, i would love to be a homeowner, i know it might not be every ones dream but it is mine. I would like to personalize my own home by building it and getting to choose the floors, wall color, etc. making it different than any other home out there, My home.  These are just a few things on my bucket list. Hopefully, I get to complete everything before I die.