3 out of 50 ways to help the planet

There are 50 ways to save the planet, the 3 that I think will help the planet even more are recycle news paper, rethink bottle water and plant trees. The article “50 ways to help the planet” states that recycling the newspaper every Sunday alone will help save more than half a million trees every week. Tress make up a big part of our environment, they help shade our homes and grow in value and they are the homes of our friendly birds and squirrels. Second way is to rethink bottled water, we all buy bottled water thinking its healthier than tap water, but in reality tap water is better because the EPA’s standards for tap water are more stricter than bottled water. Think about it plastic bottles of water takes thousands of years to decompose. Third of all, plant a tree. Planting trees is good for the environment its good for the air, land and can save on cooling costs for your home.  plus, every tree planted can mean a new home for the birds and maybe even a tree house for a young child. It is always good to do a little something to help the environment.