Food allergies to pestesides?

In the article “studies linked food allergies to pesticides in tap water” is about how scientist have


found people who where exposed bacteria in unfiltered tap water have less reactions to food born allergies than those that where not exposed to the bacteria and only drink filtered water. They where explaining how a child who lived in a farm was exposed to more germs in tap water which resulted in none to minimal food allergies than those who grew up in suburban areas that filter their water or choose to drink bottled water; meaning their immune system has to work to fight the good bacteria that will help you not have food allergies.

Alexandra Sifferlin stated, ” In the past 20 years people who where allergic to shell fish, nuts, milk and eggs has soared, jumping from 18% between 1997-2007″ according to, US center of disease control and prevention. This jump has been liked to the tap water we drink mainly because of the chemical used to purify the water. Studies performed on humans and how drinking tap water can give them food allergies have proven that the purifying solution used in tap water has been found in their system and are more likely to suffer from food allergens. Thus, comes the conclusion that people who were exposed to more germs are less likely to have food allergies than those who where not exposed.


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